Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s Christmas time and while everyone is busy with holiday preparations and cheer we’ve received a very unique request! Imagine our surprise when we received the following email:

Dear Fox Maple Homes,

We’ve loved and cherished every moment in our home over the years but after this Christmas we have come to the realization it is time for an upgrade! Here is our wish list for our new home. We hope you are able to help!

  • Energy efficient (we have been known to have some pretty cold and snowy winters in the North Pole!);
  • Extra high ceilings for large Christmas trees;
  • Fireplace (with chimney large enough for practice);
  • Top of the line oven (with settings just right for shortbread, sugar cookies and gingerbread);
  • Workshop (must include state of the art tools and technology to make all of the latest and greatest gifts on children's wish lists);
  • Media Room (will serve as headquarters throughout the year as we determine who has been naughty and nice and prepare our plan for the following Christmas);
  • Stable (quarters for nine reindeer and training grounds);
  • Sewing and Craft Room (essential for making ornaments, decorations, stockings and Christmas clothing for all of North Pole personnel);
  • Staff lodging on site (must be able to accommodate up to 100 or more elves during peak season);
  • Miracle and Reflection Room (this is a very important space - we need this space to provide Christmas miracles and find ways to hold in our hearts all of those that need so much more than we can make in our workshop).

We’ve heard that you can make our wish list come true and look forward to hearing from you after our busy Christmas season wraps up for another year.

Yours truly,

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

We sure have some exciting ideas and can’t wait to start planning this wonderful home sure to be filled with love, laughter and memories. We look forward to working with Mr. and Mrs. Claus in the new year on their home!

Until then, we would like to take this moment to wish you a happy holiday season and new year of health, happiness and prosperity.

Merry Christmas from Fox Maple Homes